This skirt
(Marie Claire, April 2014)

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Fuck your life imperative screen print.


Fuck your life imperative screen print.

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More metallic for spring - but with the best new basic. The white tee is a forever staple but love the idea of pyjama-style henleys as an alternate basic to make everything feel a bit more undone - like these super feminine henley-ish tops from Altuzarra. 

When I first looked at this collection last fall, I was sort of underwhelmed but now it just feels pretty much right on the nose. That skirt is perfect. All I want for spring is metallic and the Proenza spin on it was just right.


Christian Dior pre-fall 2014

Best application of the mullet skirt, maybe ever

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Charlotte Lewis, featured in American Vogue, September 1986. Photograph by Denis Piel.

All of the knits.

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Love the easiness of this Preen pre-fall collection - and just the right red lipstick. And forever, forever, forever big sweaters and little skirts.